Some good advice for female solo travelers?

First of all, being a solo female traveler is a lot less dangerous than you might expect. Most people are genuinely good, and while there’s always a few bad ones in the mix, you’ll find that in your own town as well or you can find your travel partners to explore with the new angle as the best travel partners.

Here are some of the things I gathered when traveling alone:

Trust your instincts

If you don’t feel safe, get out now! It’s okay to leave a day early, skip dinner or a museum, and return another time or not come back at all. If you ever get a bad feeling while walking, duck into a restaurant or store, and try to wait it out. It’s okay to book a different hotel that’s closer because you’re afraid of what’s in between you and where you’re going.

Hide your money

Don’t hold money out on the street; tuck it up, and put it behind your ear, 95% of the time, even a mugger won’t find it. Most people who attack you simply want money and aren’t going to harm you.

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