Distilled water for CPAP machines

Will be needing distilled water for CPAP machine. Just spoke with a representative at TAUCK and was told it could be obtained at the local pharmacies at each location. Has anyone had this experience?


  • On previous cruises (not Tauck) the ship was able to provide distilled water for my husband's CPAP machine. However, we were recently in Antigua and could not find distilled water. He used regular bottled water and had no problem. We read that regular water can be used for short periods of time, not to exceed 6 months. I think it's the mineral build-up that causes problems with the machine. Hope this helps!!
  • Very much...thank you!
  • We wee just on the Indochina trip and I wrote an email to each of the hotels we were going to be staying at, requesting distilled water. The hotel in Hanoi promptly replied that they would have the water when we arrived. Sure enough!!! They had a half gallon in the room and when we were ready to leave we filled a regular water bottle with the left over. When they saw the bottle was empty they put a new half gallon one in our room!!! So, I'd recommend emailing hotels to see what they can do!

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