Is anyone else leaving on the April 22 trip?

I see that it's sold out now.

Also, I've never been on a Tauck trip before & am quite worried about the dress code, having previously only traveled with GAP Adventures, Earthwatch, & Lindblad in the past, which were all casual. Does anyone have pictures of how they're dressed for the dinners & for other times? Is wearing the same thing every day considered a faux pas, even on vacation? (I plan to do laundry in the sink every night).


  • See the information I just posted for a lady going on the Italian lakes tour. Take 2 or 3 or so semi-dressy outfits for night that you can mix up, then casual wear for day. On the tours I have taken with Tauck, everyone "recycled" their clothing for 2-3 wearings at least. No one confused the tour with a fashion shoot; people just wanted to be comfortable and appropriately dressed (covered for church visits, etc.).
  • Thanks smarks50.

    Just one followup question: are sweatshirts & fleece too casual for daytime?
  • Both are perfectly ok. I had tours with Tauck in Europe and Asia and many of my tour mates wore those fabrics. Also, I visited the beaches at Normandy in June with another tour and it was very cold then (lots of wind) so in April you will probably need a good jacket. (Again, fleece or sweatshirt material is fine.)
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