Grand Canadian Rockies June 28, 2018

Anyone going into Vancouver early for the June 28th Grand Canadian Rockies?


  • Yes, we are arriving at the Four Seasons Hotel on the 25th for the June 26th departure Grand Canadian Rockies Eastbound trip.

    Herb and Carol
  • Enjoy your trip. You will be two days ahead of us. We are arriving on the 27th for the trip on the 28th.

    Ira and Caryl
  • edited May 2018
    Yes I have 6 of us who are arriving in Vancouver on June 27 for the June 28th tour. All from North Carolina!!

    Diane Burns
  • Hi Diane, My wife and I arrive early afternoon in Vancouver on the 27th. We recently booked a walking tour of "Forbidden Vancouver" for that evening. Looking forward to meeting your group and everyone else.

    Ira and Caryl
  • We will be going to Vancouver early for our late July Canadian Rockies tour. How was the tour? Any recommendations for the days where there is a lot of free time in the parks? How was the walking tour in Vancouver and do you have contact information for the tour if you enjoyed it?
  • Yes we are 4 arriving from NY on the 27th.

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