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We are booked on the May 6, 2019 trip which will be our 10th with Tauck. Many of the prior reviews and comments on this trip discuss disappointments with the ship, specifically the quality of the food and some on the attitude of the ship staff. I understand the 2019 voyages will be on Le Soleal which is a year or 2 newer than the current Le Astral and that Tauck has taken steps to improve the shipboard experience. I also looked at the Ponant website and read numerous older comments on the same issues. Hope to read some more current posting about Tauck guest experiences. Considring cancelling this booking.


  • I have booked clients on Le Soleal as well as other Ponant ships with Tauck and my clients have all been extremely happy. The client I booked on Le Soleal did the England/Ireland Cruise and called me the next day to book another. Another agent booked a cruise directly with Ponant because Tauck didn't have it and it is a totally different experience than booking through Tauck.

    Tauck has wonderful top of line pre and post hotels and touring and has their own private tours totally separate then La Ponant.
    Every Tauck small ship trip using Ponant, I've had nothing but raves about their trip even my pickiest clients.
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    I have 2 friends who have taken cruises on various Ponant ships. They have had no problem with any other than L'Austral. (The food being one of their biggest issues.) Both have taken 20-something Tauck trips. Neither would ever set foot on L'Austral again -- but have enjoyed their trips on other Ponant ships. Another friend just returned from Iceland on Le Lapérouse and was very pleased with the ship.

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