Footwear at Jungfraujoch

When we visited the glacier on the Canadian Rockies trip, walking was treacherous on the glacier when wearing sneakers. Any suggestions for footwear. On the Jungfrau? Male and female. Thanks


  • I took this trip (though the itinerary was slightly different) in 2011. I just wore sturdy sneakers. Outside, the snow was packed down and walking wasn't a problem. Indoors, there was an area called the "ice palace" that was a tunnel carved out of ice. Even the floor was ice. I just checked my photos, and there's a railing that runs along the side of the tunnel that you hold onto as you inch your way along. It worked out fine. I know that I did not see anyone fall. (If anyone had fallen, it would have been I!) I don't know whether the site would allow you to wear yak tracks (or something similar) over your shoes. If you're concerned, you could throw them in your bag. They don't take up much room.
  • On my Switzerland trip I brought comfortable hiking boots which worked well when walking in the glacier snow. People in tennis shoes were slipping around a bit.

  • We wore regular sneakers and had no issues. You are in for a treat!

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