For the photographers in the group

Will being doing the Budapest to Amsterdam tour in 2019. I am an amateur photographer and am considering what I should bring with. I trend to do more than just snapshots (i.e. cell phone). So Inwas just curious as to what other brought and would have done something different.


  • I’ve gone from dslr with multiple lenses to mirrorless 4/3 with multiple lenses to what is called a bridge camera. Fixed lens with long zoom. At the upper end they can run $1200. However, I have enjoyed using a Panasonic LUMIX FZ300. It has a 25x zoom and a fast 2.8 lens. There are much longer zooms available but I have found this fits all my needs. It runs about $400. There are compromises but I am very pleased with this camera.

    I also always have a good quality shirt pocket camera with a 1” sensor. Something like a Sony rx100 or a Canon G7X. I always have this with me and you never know when a quick shot comes up when you are walking around.

    Enjoy your trip.
  • I've been on 8 Tauck tours and have taken over 11,000 photos. I travel with 2 cameras--a Canon G7X mk II (for the inside and night shots) and a Panasonic Lumix ZS60 (for the daylight long zoom shots which was especially helpful in Africa). I generally leave both cameras on auto. At the end of each trip there are always the other guests who are proud of their pictures and send them around. They are usually the ones with a DSLR and multiple lenses. I haven't yet found any of those pictures that are better than my pictures. In addition, those guests are the ones so busy fumbling with their unfamiliar and complicated cameras that miss the fun of the tour. Unless you are a professional amateur stick with the better point and shoot cameras. The camera lets you focus on composition and the pictures come out great.
  • We've traveled on 5 Tauck tours with my trusty Canon EOS Rebel DLSR, along with both of our iPhones. The iPhones are getting very good, but still not great for telephoto and night shots. I have a 70-300 zoom lens that is excellent for just about any shot, especially the telephoto ones from the riverboat deck, and it's the only lens I use. I've had this camera for several years and know how to use it well, so no fumbling around. On our most recent river trip, there were several times touring cities and museums when I left it behind in the cabin and just used my iPhone. If you don't already have a DLSR, I would recommend checking out one of the point and shoot zoom cameras mentioned above.

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