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If you have been on this tour during the National Holiday which lasts Oct. 1-7, was it really crowded? Would you recommend being on this tour during this time of year? Did the celebrations and the number of people who are traveling during this holiday interfere in any way with your tour? Or if you are planning to go on this tour, what are your thoughts about being in China during this time?
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    We did the China land trip 4-5 years ago, and the beginning of our tour overlapped with "Golden Week". The crowds at the notable sites were definitely larger, in particular in Beijing and at the Great Wall. That said, I don't believe the trip was negatively impacted as the TD and his crew were skilled in the manner they staged the days and moved the group along. We experienced more impact when we went out on our own in Beijing the day before the tour began. The subway was packed, as was the Temple of Heaven (our primary destination) and the large park that surrounds it. We figured out our subway stops and the walking route before we left the hotel; observed and tried to copy the people's manner of queuing (or lack there of!); and just flowed with the crowd. We really enjoyed the adventure of it all, and because our clothing and ethnicity stood out, we were sort of treated like celebrities, getting frequent double takes from passer-byes. We were also asked to pose for many photo's with people, including many smiling children. Quite a memorable day (and tour). You are going to have a wonderful time.

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