Peru/Bolivia 10/3/18

Anyone on this trip with us? We get inn on the day before.


  • Arriving on the evening of the 3rd from Miami. Since I'm on the east coast, there is only 1 hour time difference.
  • Hi dlhendel - glad to "meet" someone else on our tour!

    We're on the east coast too, so we weren't too worried about the time change. We just thought that after a 16 hour flight, we'd need an extra day to recuperate. Unfortunately, we don't have a direct flight - have a layover in Atlanta.

    Are you staying any extra days on the back end?
  • I don't have a direct flight either. Philadelphia to Miami to Lima. No, I am not staying an extra night. Leaving on a fast plane at 3:35 AM, so I just may stay up all night!

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