W Amsterdam

Hello! My husband and I will be touring in October. I was looking at the itinerary today and noticed that the W Amsterdam is no longer listed as the hotel that we would be staying at the last night of the tour. It has now been changed to lodging on the ship. Does anyone know why this change has occurred? When I called Tauck, I was told that W Amsterdam was never listed as the place of lodging on the final night of the tour (October 29), but I'm 100% certain that it was part of the original itinerary.

One reason I'm asking is because we are staying an extra day in Amsterdam (October 30) and had a reservation for W Amsterdam for our final night. If the hotel is not up to Tauck standards, we need to reconsider our final night of lodging. The room was $545/night USD.


  • We have been booked on this trip for next May since March. I can promise you that at least since March of this year the final night has always been listed as the Inspire and not at the W. I can not attest to what might have been listed prior to March but I seriously doubt it was ever listed as the W.

    We are staying 2 nights at the end also at the W. Although the reviews for this hotel have sometimes been less that stellar, we are still staying there.
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