boots for Antarctica

Can anyone tell me what to wear under the rental boots?


  • Socks??

    Sorry...couldn't resist!!
  • Socks is the answer but which type and how many pairs at a time is the follow-up question. A thick wool blend and enough pairs to double up if you find you need them. Also extra pairs so one pair can dry while wearing the others if needed. Some people treat socks like mittens on hands, a slim liner sock and then a heavy outer sock. So much depends on the specific weather on the days you go out. You may also want to bring a couple shoe inserts to put at the bottom of the boot. That adds a little insulation/padding comfort, and you can also take them out and dry them (Foot sweat is the issue, not water coming in). You can get cheap ones at Walmart for ~$1/pair and that would be good enough for a few days on ice. I would not get the gel kind of insert (Gets hard when cold), just the cheap cushion type.
  • You will be asked to walk from your room to the debarkation area on the boat in your socks and to carry the supplied boots to that point. I wore a thick pair of outdoor socks and they were sufficient. You may want to wear two pairs of socks if you get cold easily. You will be able to try on multiple sizes of boots if needed when the boots are distributed, so don't worry.

  • We just got back. I usually wore one thick pair and put in a toe warmer - but doubt I needed that. My wife had a thin and thick sock and no warmer and was fine. We both put in extra cushions on the bottom of the boot too (The $1 cheap ones are good enough). Make sure you stand your boots up and open so they dry between uses. Some tend to flop over and cant breath. Some people with hiking poles put the poles in them to help them stand up.
  • I just returned, too. At home my feet are always cold. I used a thin slip in liner from the dollar store, wore one pair of thick socks over a pair of thin socks and my feet were never cold. I brought a 10 pack of hand and toe warmers and never even opened the package. Of course, we had relatively "moderate" weather: 25 - 30 degrees F average, by no means guaranteed. I found the boots to be much more comfortable than I had expected.

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