Danube Low water levels

In another post Anne Fran submitted:

We just came back from Amsterdam to Budapest. We boarded the MS Sprit in Amsterdam and were bussed to the MS Treasures half-way throuhg the trip due to low water on the Danube. We had 78 tourists, one cruise director and two tour directors. The CD is responisble for all on ship issues and the TDs are responsible for all off ship issues. The bussing, after a city excursion, took 3 hours! But we were served cookies, crackers and wine on the bus by our tour directors to ease the pain - yes, it was painless! The Sprit and Treasures are sister ships and we kept our same cabin number! I believe the mazimum passenger count is around 90, i.e., 45 staterooms. Tauck does have larger ships.


We will be on the Savor in two weeks. What part of the Danube did you need to bus around?


  • We just returned (Sept 12) from the Eastbound trip from Prague to Budapest. There was a lot of controversy About whether or not our ship would be able to make the entire journey because of the water levels. The Danube gets much much wider as it approaches Budapest, so that is the area that is of most concern. Although they predicted that we might need to be bussed from Bratislava to Budapest, that did not happen. Our cruise was complete into Budapest. Hopefully, you will have the same luck.
    By the way, we were surprised to find out that our arrival into Budapest occurred during the middle of the night -around 3 a.m. we had imagined that we would see the Parliament all lit up upon our arrival....but that did not happen -the lights go off at midnight.
  • Thank you for the info.

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