Ghent Altarpiece

Do we see St. Bavo's Cathedral and the Ghent Altarpiece while in Ghent? Going in late April 2019.


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    We went on this cruise in April 2018, and the trip itinerary has changed since then—- for the better. We had to choose between Ghent and Bruges, and we saw Bruges. You will be doing a walking tour of the historic city center; St. Bavo’s is probably located there. I think the alterpiece is one of the most famous things in Ghent, so surely you will see it. You will also have some free time after the tour, and if the cathedral is not on on the tour, you can see it then.

    Call Tauck and ask. You will love this trip, especially Keukenhof Gardens. It is heaven on earth for gardeners and flower lovers???????????? Have a great trip.
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    I took this trip in April 2017 and we were able to visit both Bruges and Ghent because Brussels was removed from our itinerary.

    I looked at my pictures and we definitely went into St. Bavo's Cathederal. I don't have pics of the Ghent Altarpiece, but from google images, that looks very familiar. I believe it was a small space to go in and view the piece.

    Enjoy - it was a great trip!!!
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    Thanks for your quick reply.

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