Sicily, the Amalfi Coast & Rome

looking for some comments and information from anyone who has enjoyed this trip recently thanks


  • We took this tour in June 2016, so not recently. Will be happy to answer any questions though.
  • We took this tour this past June and enjoyed it. I have pictures and some commentary posted on my blog, You will find the trip listed on the right under "categories" - that will take you to the related posts. There were only 53 guests aboard the ship (all guests were with Tauck). We really enjoyed the time on board and the opportunity to interact with other guests. Breakfast in the open air and cocktail time in the early evening was relaxing and was something we looked forward to each day. The crew is very friendly and went out of their way to help in any way they could. Cabins are small (but functional) - you really don't spend much time in them. We could not visit St. Peter's Basilica with Tauck due to an event at the Vatican - but we were given plenty of notice and because we were arriving early, toured it on our free day. Tauck substituted St. Paul's Basilica which was also very nice. The after hours tour of the Sistine Chapel is definitely special - seeing it without crowds makes it an entirely different experience. For many days we were able to pick a shore excursion - it was hard to choose, because I wanted to see everything. For the most part, I was pleased with our choices although passengers who chose the other excursion for the day also had great things to say about what they saw. The only choice I would have made differently was for the port of Taormina and Mt. Etna. The waiver for Mt. Etna intimidated me a bit so we went with Taormina - it was a good tour but there are many opportunities to see ruins - and in retrospect, I wish we had done Mt. Etna. There was gentlemen on the tour with some health issues- he did Mt. Etna and handled it with no problem. If you can, I would spend at least an extra day in Malta. We got a quick introduction to Malta but I wish there had been more time for exploration. Hope you have a great trip!
  • thank you Crackeroo

    the boat and cabins description are in feet and inches but I would like your impression as to comfort .

    Can you swim off the stern and is it difficult to get back on ?

    We have done a few small boats trips and it seemed to us that dinner wear is a step up from causal.

    any other thoughts are welcome

    Have a safe and enjoyable trips in the future

  • cvc

    this was a great help for us to make our decision. You must have read my mind ( like my wife ).

    Happy Trails to you

  • Pat2Mike
    As I recall, the room was tiny. Probably the smallest room we've ever stayed in. My husband often got ready first and then left the room for me to get ready. Because of the limited space, we were required to not unpack everything. But, it worked. We spent very little time in the rooms. I would say, even with the lack of space, it was comfortable enough. And I wouldn't let the room size affect your decision to take the tour.
    The rest of the ship was nicely laid out and very comfortable. And the staff of the La Ponant were excellent.
    They did allow us one day to swim off the stern of the boat. There was a pretty good chop, so most people did not attempt it and those that did, got back on the ship quickly. The crew was there to assist you getting back on the ship. I thought it was one of the highlights.
    I don't recall dinners on the boat being fancy but they weren't casual either. Kind of in between.
    They cancelled our after hours tour of the Vatican a couple months before our departure. And because of the rough seas, we docked our first night which threw the itinerary off. But, I have to say, I was impressed with the tour directors. They, and the staff of the La Ponant, were able to do everything on the itinerary, except in a different order.
    It was a very enjoyable tour. I highly recommend more days in Rome. We started in Rome and spent four or five days on our own before the tour. We took a day trip to Assisi from there. There's just so much do see and do.
    Have fun.
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