Coat for trip

It says in the book provided by TAUCK that a hooded, water repellent parka will be provided for the Antarctica trip. It also suggests bringing a windbreaker. Do I still need to bring my own heavy jacket or will the parka suffice for land explorations?


  • I’m not bringing a heavy coat, only a light one for BA. I am bringing layers (base, sweater, fleece) to use with the parka, if needed.
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    The provided parka is pretty warm so a warm base layer with outer layer is good for most weather. It was 25-30 everyday when we were there (Just got back yesterday) so it's not really that cold. Bring extra hangers or something to dry out your clothes on - you'll need it on hiking days. Ushuaia is only 40-50 and tends to be windy so plan for that before you get your parka.

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