From my understanding, we do an excursion in the AM and another in the PM after lunch. Do we change for lunch and then change again for the afternoon excursion?


  • What we found is that yes, we would have to change after most outings ashore if there was any amount of walking from being too hot and getting sweaty. So bring extra hangers to spread around for things to dry. That is where having that quick drying/wicking materials help - they can often easily be dry by the next outing. Depending on what you have for base layers, you can just keep wearing it when you come back if you stay dry. We never got wet from ocean spray, it was only from sweating (Outside temps were 25-30 degrees). If the morning outing is just to ride the zodiac, you will likely be able to just change enough to not get too hot (remove parka, waterproof pants). As far as changing for lunch because of dress code, they ask for no shorts and t-shirts but otherwise don't seem to care. I often wore zipper pants and a base layer shirt for lunch.
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