The 2nd Hotel - Ngorongoro Serena Safari Lodge - Tanzania

As the Tauck safari continues one comes to the 2nd Hotel, now called a lodge, on the rim of the Ngorongoro Crater. What does a Ngorongoro Crater View Room at the Serena Safari Lodge Really Look Like? This is a lovely introduction to safari's in Tanzania. The hotel features excellent evening entertainment, nice rooms, great food and an incredible view of the Crater at sunrise and sunset. Like all Serena hotels and Lodges, this facility is not handicap accessible with no elevators and many stairs. This is the perfect spot to spend two nights in relative luxury while doing the first game drive, a day trip safari down to see the 25,000 animals living in the crater. The animals will be better and closer to your vehicle where the tour moves to the Serengeti, but this is a great introduction to the large and small animals. You will see all of the big 5 + so much more. BUT Many of the animals will be spots on the horizon, only visible to Tauck's incredible guides. So bring your best telephoto cameras into the crater if you wish pictures.

The Video Link is below:
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