Uwajima - Terraces and Waterfall Walk excursion

We are booked for the April 12, 2019 tour. One of the excursion choices in Uwajima is a visit to some terraced fields. I'm in really good shape and am not worried about climbing but I am afraid of heights! Would love to hear from anyone who has done this and whether you are ever close to steep drop-offs. Thanks!!!


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    Sorry no one has weighed in on this topic...perhaps it is a new option this year and no one has had the experience as of yet. This was not an option when we took this trip two years ago. One of my biggest disappointments was being rushed through various sites to allow ( at that time) four groups to visit the same places, so breaking it up and having to choose excursions is a good thing. On our trip we did the pearl farm, the Flying Squirrel Temple and a bullring ( yes, you read that correctly). The bullring was eh, the pearl farm was rushed, and the temple was interesting ( while this site is unique, you won’t hurt for lack of temples on this tour). From the photos online, the steep terraces look very interesting, but one photo does show what I assume is the path. While there is a handrail, it looks like it could be bothersome if edges bother you. Then again, I can’t imagine Tauck putting anyone in danger. Since this cruising trip does seem to attract a, shall I say, more mature clientele, I would think the experience would be meaningful without climbing. I note that another option is a garden, and, frankly, you will see a lot of gardens on this tour, and none can top the Adachi Garden, so that might help narrow your choices.
    Also, be sure not to miss the Black Castle in Matsue. It is wonderful, and when we went the cherry blossoms were in full bloom. It was beautiful and so interesting. The stairs are narrow and steep, as our TD warned, and only seven out of our group of thirty-something went. As in other temples, one must take off shoes, but I decided to forego my usual socks and climb up them in bare feet for better traction. It was such a shame that more did not go as Tauck had arranged a “surprise” photo shoot opportunity! The grounds are beautiful and filled with people having a hanami. Don’t miss it!

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