Black Sea to Budapest Aug 2019

I'm traveling on the cruise starting in Bucharest on 12 August. Anyone else going? I would enjoy hearing from others who took the trip previously and anyone on this trip. Thanks


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    Wondering about the excursion choices from Bucharest; any information would be most helpful and appreciated!

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    I took this cruise in 2014. Mostly off-the-beaten-path places so not as crowded, except for Budapest. I went in July and it was very hot.
    I went to Bran castle. It is a nice castle but is actually not very related to Vlad the Impaler (the model for Dracula). I can't comment on the other two as I didn't do them.

    Enjoy your cruise.

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    Thanks for the information on the castle. I'm sure whatever excursion I take will be great. Trip is only about 2 weeks away and I'm counting the days.

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    We would be interested in what you decided and your thoughts. We are looking at the same trip, probably in 2021.

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