Can anyone recommend a restaurant in Paris to celebrate out 35th anniversary?

We are booked for the 9/24 river cruise - Impressions from the Seine and will be arriving a day early. Thank you.


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    The Jules Verne Restaurant on the Eiffel Tower is memorable. Food is quite good, but it's really about the view from the second level. Pricey, but definitely a worthy venue for a special event. Location, location, location. Plus, you go up by private elevator (no line) and can explore the tower after dinner. There's also an option to buy a glass of champagne on the very top level...nice finish to the night.

  • Guy Savoy Restaurant is outstanding cuisine. Views from Jules Verne are wonderful especially if you can get the right table. We had lunch there several years ago and it was quite good and quite pricey too. Bon appetit.

  • My favorite restaurant is le coupe Chou been there over a dozen times. Look it up great food and amazing atmosphere

  • Thank you all for your responses. Only 97 more days to go!

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