July 31 to August 7-Bridges Blue Danube Family Riverboat Adventure

Our family has 5 adults and 3 children. (Girls 17 and 12, Boy 15). Who else is coming?


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    My family has six adults (two "parental unit" sets, a hilarious aunt, an incredibly young-looking grandmother! LOL) and five kids, ages 8 (a girl); 10, 11, and 12 (all boys); and 15 (another girl). Three kids, one parental unit, grandmother and aunt are all from Charlotte NC; the other "parental unit" and two kids (the 11 and the 15) are from Birmingham AL. Where are y'all traveling from?

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    Oh, shoot, Olivia! I just realized we're on the Westbound July 11th trip, and your family is going a little later. If this is your first Tauck trip, you will not be disappointed! Have a wonderful time with your family!!

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    Hi Olivia,

    Our family (3 adults, 2 kids) will be on the July 31st blue danube cruise. Our boys are 13 and 10.

    Counting down the days and Super excited!

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