Anyone been to Adelaide, Kangaroo Island or Tasmania before ?

We have booked this fabulous looking trip for February 2021. It looks like 2020 is mostly sold out. Understanding that this is a new trip we would be very interested in hearing from travelers who have visited Adelaide, Kangaroo Island, and Tasmania before. We have been on the Spotlight to Australia trip and enjoyed it greatly and this trip looks even better. Also interested in hearing from travelers once they return from the first trips with TAUCK.


  • We toured Australia on our own about 6 years ago. Kangaroo Island was a highlight for me. It has beautiful scenery and so much wildlife! We saw kangaroos and wallabies all over in the wild. There are seals and many species of birds including parrots and cockatoos. But the highlight was seeing koalas in the wild at a sanctuary! Adelaide is in wine country so you can take a tour. It's a nice town. We were only there because it's how you get to Kangaroo Island.

  • Thanks itskr. After reading your comments we are sure we made the right choice now. In addition to seeing all the animals on this tour, there are extensive visits to wine country near Adelaide and on Tasmania. This trip has the best of both worlds and that's not even counting return visits to the great cities of Melbourne and Sydney.

  • Tasmania is wonderful! It was not included on the Grand Australia and New Zealand tour that I took last fall, but I went a week early and spent several days there on my own, staying in the same hotel that Tauck is using on its tour. My primary motivation in going there was to go to the Port Arthur prison colony. It looks like you won't have a lot of free time in Tasmania, but if you do, the hotel offers (or did offer last year) a walking tour of the downtown area where they provide you with a view-master so you can see what the areas looked like 'back in the day" -- the late 18th and early 19th centuries.

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