I would like some feedback on traveling to St Petersburg and Moscow.

Was there a problem obtaining the visa? Did you feel safe traveling alone through Moscow and St Petersburg. Any special issues I should be aware of. I'm traveling as a solo on a Tour.


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    Took this trip several years ago. We felt safe everywhere. You will be visiting tourist areas which are always crowded. You will be a Tauck group most of the time, and I would use the same cautions when alone in any big city if you are out after dark.

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    Thank you Sherry...I appreciate the response. Did you find it cumbersome to get the visa?

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    to Kollage: I don't remember having any trouble, but we did use the method suggested by Tauck. Its more expensive, but a lot more convenient. On other trips sometimes we do the visas on our own, sometimes we let Tauck do it, whatever works!

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