June 23

This will be my 8th Tauck Tour. Obviously I love them! But this is my first time as a single. A little apprehensive. Anyone else out there?



  • Don't be apprehensive. I took this tour as a single two years ago. It was wonderful. There was a widower on the tour as well as two other single women and of course couples. There was always someone to eat dinner with and on our lunch stops we just kind of all took a seat. Since you have traveled with Tauck it will probably be similar to your other experiences. The only time I ate alone was in Monterey when we had the late afternoon and evening to be on our own and everyone did their own thing.. I certainly didn't have a problem eating alone and there were certainly alot of places to choose from for dinner. This is a wonderful trip and you will love it.
  • We're going on this tour May 30th and the info from Tauck says to bring "Teva-style sandals or watershoes." In reading the itinerary, I can't see where those will be needed...am I missing something??
  • I went on this trip two years ago and didn't take any type of special shoe. I just wore sandals or sneakers during the day and sandals for dinner. I don't think the trip has changed much so I don't think anyone needs special shoes unless you are going to do alot of hiking at Yosemite. One person brought hiking boots but I didn't do that much hiking and found sneakers worked fine. This is a really great trip. Enjoy!!
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