Douro Discovery: A Family River Cruise in Portugal

We are a family of 11 that will be on the Douro river cruise the week of June 23, 2019. We would love to try to connect with any other families that will be on that tour or the one the week before. Our family consists of my very active parents in their 70's from Palo Alto California. My Husband and our 3 kids that will be 6 girl , 13 and 13 twin boys from Wilmington NC and my sister, her husband and two kids ages 12 Boy, 15 Girl from Bethesda Maryland. Please reach out if you are on this tour.


  • Hi Brooke! My family of 5 from New Orleans is booked on the Douro family cruise July 4-11. I wish we were on the same one because my youngest daughter is 5. I also have 2 teens who will be 13 (girl) and 18 (boy). Please let me know how the trip goes and any tips regarding your youngest. Have a wonderful time! Alicia

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