Touring Pre and Post Recommendations & Question


We are traveling on the Magic of Morocco next month. We arrive a day early in Rabat and staying an extra day in Marrakech.

1) Any assistance you can provide with regards to independent sites and things to do that Tauck does not cover in Rabat and Marrakech, would be appreciated.

2) Is it safe to independently walk around Rabat and Marrakech, or would you recommend hiring a guide?

3) Any restaurant recommendations in Rabat and Marrakech for the nights that Tauck does not include dinner?

Thanks in advance!


  • I took this tour Feb. 2019.

    Pre stay Rabat: Chellah - taxi to and from hotel due to distance. Safe city to walk independently.

    Post stay Marrakesh: The hotel location is off the beaten path-transporation anywhere would be needed. I did not venture off the hotel grounds on my extra day, just relaxed and packed. My flight home was out of Casa airport at 8am which meant Tauck transportation pick up was 3am. I do know quite a few on my tour had dinner at La Mamounia one night and enjoyed it.

  • Thanks, JDS11.

    I'll look into Chellah and appreciate that advisement.

    As for dinner at La Mamounia, I had actually sent an email to them requesting info and a reservation. Thanks for letting me know that others have dined there and enjoyed it.

    Thanks so much for taking the time to respond and for your thoughts.

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