Great Barrier Reef

Our tour starts Dec. 2 and I'm planning my packing for the trip. What is the attire for the day? I plan on snorkeling. Is there a changing room? Should I bring wet shoes?
Also, somewhere along the line I read that in one of the hotels the rooms have a washer and dryer. If so, which hotel is it?
Any other tips for this tour would be gratefully appreciated.


  • There are a couple of changing stalls on the platform at the Great Barrier Reef. I suggest wearing your bathingsuit under your clothes before you go snorkeling, and bring your underwear to change into after you've gone swimming. I don't see a need for wet shoes. You won't be on the ocean floor, and you'll be given flippers to wear when snorkeling. By the way, you will also be given a wet suit to wear when snorkeling. Silky Oaks Lodge has washers and dryers, but not in the rooms (which are lovely cabins). The people who used them found them to be very slow. I didn't do any laundry on the trip, other than washing underwear, and maybe tops from time to time, in the hotel rooms. I have collapsible plastic hangers that don't take up much room at all in my luggage, and are great for drying those items. I got them on Amazon. Don't overpack. People won't care what you wear.

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