Louisville to Nashville

I am new to Tauck. Normally I take hiking trips and dress very casually. What is the norm on this trip?


  • Dress varies by trip. We been on 5 Tauck trips including a Safari, Israel, and a trip to Ireland. I would think dress is very casual on this trip. I've been to Louisville on my own a few times and being really dressed up would probably not be the norm. Normally on Tauck trips folks like to dress up a little more at the beginning reception and the final get together and dinner. But with that all said, it's all up to you. What you feel most comfortable in. I would suggest you look in this Forum under United States and perhaps Mid-Atlantic. I'm sure there are a number of posts regarding dress. Since you are new to Tauck, you can look up your trip on Tauck online and they talk about a number of items, and lastly once you make your final payment and a few weeks before your trip Tauck sends you a Green Book that provids tons of info including itinerary, hotels, dress, etc. Good luck.

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