Plan B?

Our trip begins on Jan 17. We are planning to arrive at Sydney early, Jan 13 before traveling to Adelaide, but are very concerned with the fires just north of the city and also concerned about the dense smoke conditions as well as poor air quality. Temps are reported to be 114F this week. A portion of the trip is spent in Adelaide, as well, and they have the same conditions as Sydney with fires and smoke. We are following conditions very closely online. I understand conditions with fires change daily depending on which way the winds blow, but this is not ideal for planning purposes. Health conditions are a major issue as well.

Is there a Plan B for this trip ( travel to a different part of Australia) or should we cancel and reschedule for another time? Our trip includes a connecting trip to New Zealand immediately following the Australia trip. This is a real dilemma and we are unsure what to do. Please advise ASAP, so that we can make changes as/if needed.

Thank you.


  • I suggest you contact Tauck by phone immediately. This forum is loosely monitored by them and they may not respond to your post. Call them ASAP with your concerns.

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