Antarctica Feb. 2020

Looking forward to our February 2020 Antarctica Trip, going in days early. Anyone else on this trip?
Also would like advice on what to do the day before that is not included in that first Tauck tour day. There are many museums to choose from? Is there a favorite? Any favorite restaurants to suggest?


  • I was on this trip last January, arrived a day early so I had 2 free days in Buenos Aires. Among general sightseeing on my own (mostly avoiding sights included in Tauck’s excursions) I visited 3 museums: Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes (National Museum of Fine Arts); MALBA (Latin American Modern Arts Museum); and the Coleccion Fortabat.

    I enjoyed all 3. The first has a nice, not huge, collection, the second focuses on Latin American artists and the third is a small, private museum that houses a rather eclectic collection of the wealthiest woman in Argentina, prior to her death. There are 2 hotel choices in B.A., I stayed at the Hilton and this museum is located in Puerto Maduro, a two block walk from the Hilton. You can easily research all 3 on the internet for additional information.

    This is an extraordinary trip, Antarctica exceeded all my expectations. Enjoy!

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