April 2020 Trip

Just seeing if anyone has a suggestion for hiring a private guide for the Pere Lachaise Cemetery I don’t like to take public transportation and looks like all the tours are 2 hrs long. Any suggestions appreciated.


  • Catsoos ... I see your question has been around for awhile and no one has responded. Wish I could help but I'm clueless. Still, glad to see you are going. We will be on the April 22nd (?) trip. Been following the discussion about the CV on other parts of this Forum. Glad to see a number of hearty souls out there!

  • CATSOOS: Have you tried looking at a Rick Steves Guidebook for suggestions. If you don't want to buy a copy, you can just go to a local bookstore and look thru one. They may have a suggestion for a guided tour for the Pere Lachaise Cemetery. I have used his suggestions before and you can have confidence in his advice. In 2014 I visited Paris by myself and hired a private guide to drive me around the City for a couple of hours in a vintage C2V car. They picked me up at my Hotel and at the end of the tour, they dropped me off at the Hotel or to a location of my choosing for further exploration. I found this information in a Rick Steve's Guidebook.

    I also noticed that on the Rick Steves Website, you can obtain an audio guide for a self guided tour for free, just down load a copy. You can also download a map. I have copied a link to the portion of his website where the Paris Audio Tours are listed. Just scroll to the bottom of the page. If nothing else, it is interesting to listen to the commentary. If you can't locate a guided tour, perhaps you could take an Uber to the Cemetery and use the Rick Steves Audio guide and map to get around. That way you can spend as much time as you wish wandering and taking pictures. Another suggestion would be to contact the Concierge ahead of time at the Hotel you are staying at, if you are arriving early prior to the tour and they can perhaps make a suggestion.


    My upcoming Tour, if it isn't canceled, includes an excursion to the Cemetery with one of our Tour Guides as an option. I am really looking forward to that.

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