Delta refund complete

We were scheduled for classic Italy april-May. Delta originally gave us ecerts for our business class “refund”, I was sort of ok but we originally had to make decisions this year to use them, that has changed and I think the ecerts can be good till sept 2021. But the more I thought about the more I wanted the money back. Originally it was 900 to refund our seats, called two days ago and asked, today the money is back in our credit card account, no fees, no mess. Only refund still waiting is with Allianz travel insurance. They say since Tauck cancelled the trip we will get a refund there too.

My takeaway from this is next time have Tauck do the flights, insurance, myself the hassles.


  • Great news about getting your refund so quick. Allianz will come thru for you, they did for me. I am still waiting on a refund from Lufthansa plus I initiated a charge back with my credit card company. I still have until May 16 to get thru the required 2 billing periods with the Credit Card company before I hear whether I will get my money back. I am keeping an eye on the Lufthansa News every day. It looked like they were ready to go bankrupt but it appears, as of today, they have backed off a bit and are still negotiating with the Government for a 10 Billion dollar bailout which looks a bit more positive. Hopefully sometime next week there will be a decision. It has been a long, anxiety producing process and I still hope that it ends well. More to come. I agree with you about next time having Tauck take care of all the flights, insurance, etc. I did save a bit doing this all myself but in hindsight probably not enough to cover all of the anxiety, aggravation and time consumed.

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