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    It's very different here in the northeast. Boston just announced that it will be cancelling all of the fourth of July events....concert on the Esplanade....fireworks..... Also all of the saints celebrations in the north end are cancelled for this spring and summer as well as the concerts at Tanglewood. The only thing that has reopened are the golf courses as long as you self distance and walk with your clubs. They have some contraption that permits you to get the ball out of the hole without touching the pin.

    MA still has a high number of new cases (1600 per day) and deaths (150 per day). We are now up to 75K cases and 4700 deaths. At best we have plateaued. We are not on the downside yet.

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    edited May 2020

    Right now ... only if you want to see a doctor, or eat takeout. They have blocked all the ‘public’ benches, so if you want to sit ... the ground is available. Just saw an advertisement for ‘private’ parking at Stinson Beach ... twenty dollars an hour with a four hour minimum. No public parking.

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