Great Barrier Reef

Hi to anyone who has recently been on this trip,

We were checking out the Quicksilver website and there are 2 cruises available -- the Great Barrier Reef Cruise (Agincourt Reef) and the Wavedancer Cruise (Sailing to Low Isles). Which cruise does Tauck take? There are optional activities available at Agincourt Reef and we are interested in doing the Ocean Walker (Helmet diving) and the scenic helicopter flight. Is there time for us to be able to do both activities, and still do the Semi Submersible which is included in the tour? We appreciate any info you can share with us. Thank you.


  • I took the Wavedancer Cruise and the best part was a guided snorkeling tour with a marine biologist. It is really amazing!
  • It is remarkable variety and beauty on the north-east coast of Australia.
  • The people on my tour that took the helicopter over the Reef said it was the highlight and worth every penny. And the semi-Submersible was worth it. They will time your paid tours with what you chose, so can do both. I took a guided tour in the reef and made it so much better. When we 1st went in the current was so strong took us much farther that we wanted to go out. Was scary for some and they stayed out of the water after that. So, be careful and ask if you are going in.
  • I am planning for our October trip and I have my own snorkel gear. That said we've been asked to travel light. I will take my own mask, but I like to use fins and a snorkel vest too; Is there a place to rent them?
  • We were there a couple of weeks ago. Masks, fins, vests, ... were availalbe in an open area and accessible to all with no extra charge.
  • Thank you - We leave tomorrow so I will leave my vest home
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