A Week in Ireland August 9, 2020

Wondering if this tour will be canceled due to coronavirus, If not, what sort of restrictions there will be? Anyone out there scheduled for this tour?


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    Im not scheduled for this tour but rather the two week tour leaving August 8. We haven't hear anything but our traveling companions' travel agent called Tauck and was told that the tour was being cancelled. I'd expect to hear from them this coming week.

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    Hi...I called Tauck yesterday about a different tour and was told that all August tours were cancelled. The rep didn't even think emails were sent out yet. I guess they'll be calling people, not sure how that works if a travel agent was used.

    I'm waiting on word from our tour in September. :-(

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    Kathy is right. It's not on the webpage COVID-19 notice yet, but I can confirm the cancellation of the August tours. We got a call from Tauck today cancelling our August Best of Ireland tour. We rebooked for June of next year (got two of the four slots left on the small group tour in June). I asked about September tours - no word on those, yet.

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