CDC: Spain/Portugal/Cyprus/Kyrgyzstan Raised to Level 4, July 26

U.S. issues 'Do Not Travel' advisories for Spain, Portugal over COVID-19 cases. These countries were raised to Level 4 today. Let's hope this is short-lived.


  • Sealord - That is amazing.

  • The US State department has also issued a do not travel to Spain and Portugal. Are the August trips still on? we are booked on the September 17 tour.

  • It’s on another topic, but I have been watching the “Wind Surf”, the Treasures of Spain and Portugal. It just departed Barcelona for Mallorca. The trip ‘appears’ to be a “go”, level four or no level four.

  • Here is the message Tauck emailed the guests scheduled on its cruises: Tauck has just received notification that Cruise Line International Association (CLIA) is requiring all cruises in Portugal, Spain and Gibraltar to adhere to association regulations that require all touring from the ship be done in closed groups in order to keep the local communities, yourselves and the ship staff safe from COVID-19. What this means is that all shore excursions will operate as planned, but guests now must disembark and return to the ship together at the end of each excursion. While this regulation remains in place, your opportunities for independent exploration will be restricted. Please note that this applies to your shipboard excursions only; your stays in Lisbon and Barcelona will not be affected.
    I'm monitoring Wind Surf as well. Portugal vaccination and case numbers are much better than the US. Spain's case numbers are improving with vaccination numbers better than the US. I am hoping that this week's tour will provide a learning curve for when I land in Lisbon August 14th and board Wind Surf on 16th to cruise the itinerary in the eastward direction.

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