Spirit of the Desert

We received 2 emails outlining changes to this tour, and were curious to hear any comments from anyone that may have gone on this tour with regard to your experience with the lodging and dining. Anyone going on Sept 12?

Thank you for your input


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    Kathy - what kind of changes did Tauck outline? We are supposed to go on Canyonlands Sept. 12, but have heard nothing.


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    The first change we received was a hotel change. We’re going to the north rim and there was a hotel change for one night there as we were originally staying two nights in the park and now only one there. Then we received a second email; This is a cut and paste from the second email we received:

    Here are some specific impacts we are seeing in many of the parks:

    Dining: Due to the ongoing staffing constraints and COVID restrictions you can expect less desirable reservation times, slower service and fewer menu choices. Banquet style seating is not permitted in most dining rooms and this is having an impact on desired dining times. Many meals are being served as take-out only. In recent days, we are seeing signs of improvement but expect issues to persist.

    Housekeeping: The hotels are following strict health and safety guidelines and this includes not entering guestrooms. You can expect your room will not be serviced on a daily basis.

    Hotel Amenities: Some amenities and services may be limited or not available during your stay. These include limited or no access to fitness centers, swimming pools and in-room coffee machines.

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    Kathy: We did this trip October 2019. Stayed 2 nights at the Grand Canyon Lodge North Rim. Individual cabins were great, gas fireplace, rustic, as you would expect, well maintained, porch with great location close to lodge. Lodge and restaurant have incredible views. Beautiful restaurant with very good food.

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