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  • We are traveling to Tanzania with the Grand Family Safari in December of 2011. We are four parents, two grandparents and four children ages 9 (boy), 12, 14 and 16 (girls). We're interested to know who will be joining us and welcome any packing suggestions or travel tips. Can't wait to go!
  • Hi Amy,

    We are traveling too next week - my son (14) and me, my sister and her daughter (13). We brought convertible pants for ourselves (REI or ex oficio sell them), tees and some lightweight long sleeve tops (in case there are a lot of bugs), sneakers and flip flops, some fleece vests, hats, bug nets, inflatable pads for the jeep rides, and definitely bug spray. Also got a variety of plug converters to charge cameras, ipads, etc. Some of the clothing items we brought already had bug repellent but most do not so we are spraying them before we leave.

    Looking forward to meeting your family!

    New Jersey
  • Hi Shari!
    Glad to meet you! We'll see you next week at the Amureru River Lodge. We are starting our travels from Detroit today and arrive in Tanzania Saturday night- so we'll be there Sunday before the trip. You can't miss us as we are a group of ten. See you soon,
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