The Best of Ireland - Small Groups (9/28/21 - 10/11/21)

We are looking forward to our trip to Ireland with Tauck. Anyone else on this tour with us? Has anyone gone on this tour so far for 2021, if so, can you kindly fill us in on your favorites (things to do, places to see that Tauck doesn't take us to)? Any recommendations on Horseback riding or golf?


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    LisaDave9699 - you will absolutely love this small group trip. We took it July 2019 a few short months before the world closed. The Belfast Merchant hotel is very ornate and superb as is every hotel on the trip. We absolutely enjoyed the art work painted on the sides of buildings and homes. Of course Ashford Castle was just amazing. We booked the school of Falconry (a misnomer because the birds are all Hawks except for 1 Falcon) on our own before the trip and were able to spend 90 minutes with the Hawks. My wife really got into learning the jig during the Ennis dinner. I'm posting a few pictures. The hotels are Ashford Castle and the Merchant in Belfast. If you'd like to see our 70 page Shutterfly album just send us your email via personal mail above right on the Forum. Please see 2 Days in Dublin post for things to see and do before tour - the Archaeology Museum.

  • Virginia_Travelers, thank you for sharing your wonderful photos from your trip. My husband and I just added the Archaeology Museum to our must see list for Dublin.

  • Fantastic photos! Thanks for the post.

  • You are all welcome!

  • in Dublin, the little People's Museum has a program in which Ambassadors of Ireland will meet with you for a spot of tea or a Guinness. It is wonderful. we spent hours and hours with our fine ambassador.

  • I went on this trip in 2012 and Mary was the TD. She is a piece of work, and I say that with the most respect. I think I heard about the Celtic Tiger more than I wanted, but she knew everything about the region. She knew exactly what we wanted before we knew to ask her. It is one of my favorite Tauck trips. We tied it to England, Scotland, and Wales. It made a great pair of trips. I'm glad you enjoyed it as much as I did.

  • We are going on this trip in May 2022 and was wondering if should make reservations for the School of Falconry at Ashford Castle BEFORE we start the tour or will the TD help with this once the tour starts?

  • Marsha - others have asked this question one most recently that I sent email to. Go to the top of the page on the right and look for a note from Virginia Travelers. In Short - yes book it ahead of time.

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    Mary was our guide for our first Tauck trip in 2014. She was great.

  • We did this tour back-to-back with the Scotland, England and Wales tour. The tour of England was wonderful, with a fantastic tour director. The tour of Ireland was spoiled by the worse tour director we've ever had with Tauck. Here's a link to our blog of that trip -

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