USS Missouri

We have been on this trip a number of times. Great trip! Good food and wonderful scenery!
We visited the USS Arizona on our last trip. Now we would like to tour the USS Missouri which is also at Pearl Harbor.
Has anyone left the Arizona tour to swing over to the Missouri?


  • I arrived 2 days early for the Best of Hawaii tour and spent a whole day at Pearl Harbor not doing the Arizona Memorial, since we were going to do it with Tauck. I toured the Missouri, the Bowfin submarine, and the Pacific Aviation Museum. I think they're worth seeing. I got my tickets on line in advance, including a ticket for a guided tour of the Aviation Museum. It turns out that no one else showed up for the tour, so I had a private tour. If you don't mind skipping a little sightseeing after Tauck's tour of the Arizona memorial (which wasn't much of anything...we drove through Punchbowl Cemetery, but couldn't stop), you can spend the rest of the day at Pearl Harbor and take a bus back to the hotel. It costs $2.75 (cash) and takes about an hour. The bus stop is about 2 blocks away from the Royal Hawaiian.

  • Hi MCD

    Thanks for the info regarding the bus. We plan to do this on our February 2022 trip.

    On our first Best of Hawaii tour, we had our Welcome Dinner at the Pacific Aviation Museum. It was very interesting.
    We could not get to the Arizona because of choppy water. So, our Tauck Director, Minna, paid for us to tour the Bonfin submarine.

    On our second BofH tour we still could not be transported to the memorial! On our third BofH tour, we finally made it to the memorial.
    It was a solemn experience and was very quiet given there were 50 or so people there.

    Do they still allow dropping flowers at the site? We used flowers from our lei's. You had to unstring them.

  • TravelGuy -- Your post might explain why I didn't get to the Arizona Memorial when I was in Hawaii in 1970. I couldn't remember why we didn't go there then, and couldn't imagine why we didn't. Frankly, seeing the Arizona Memorial was the primary reason for me to go back to Hawaii. It was a moving experience. No one was dropping flowers at the site when I was there.

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