Cruising the Galapagos with COVID and Omicron

We went on this trip with much trepidation.Omicron was the new variant!New rules for testing even for vaccinated individuals.Pleasantly surprised the crew on Isabela2 were all vaccinated!All wore masks properly.The doctor on board checked temperatures for is every morning.The new rule for testing negative within 24 hrs of departure toUS was done smoothly;by the time we finished our farewell dinner test results were available.What was even more surprising was the people in Ecuador seemed to follow the masking rule.We we’re 31 passengers on the ship;the only time we removed masks was during dinner;that too intermittently!So everyone did what was humanly possible to curtail the transmission;the trip was fabulous.We we’re glad we did not cancel.Enjoyed the God’s/Darwin’s world despite the COVID cloud.

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