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  • The cat 5 on the Andorinha is 300sf. That’s as big as you are going to find on any Tauck riverboat. It comes with a few perks that other cabins do not get; full room service breakfast and 100 Euro ship credit. If you go to your trip page and look at accommodations there are 2 drawings of each size cabin.

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    The room service is very nice, especially on the final morning when everyone is scrambling to have their breakfast at the same time. Because of its small size, the Andorinha does not have a gift area like the larger boats do. I did purchase a few post cards with my credit. One of the crew members apparently felt bad about the lack of items and subsequently ran out one day and purchased some silly snow globes. I was so touched that I purchased one, which I gave away to a little girl in the hotel after the tour. Anyway, I was so surprised to see a credit on my charge card for the full ship credit. Tauck's generosity and customer service never cease to amaze me!

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    Hopefully there will be enough staff for room service breakfast. On my recent Rhône cruise there was no room service for suites due to staff shortage. Those isolated with Covid did have all their meals delivered of course.

  • Gourmet Gal, Cat 5 room pictures in the pdf attachment. The online diagram is a close representation but the walk-in closet is way more useful than what it depicts. Large closet with full-length mirror and good lighting along with the shelves, drawers and hanging space. The bathroom mirror opens to shelf storage (and electrical outlet) and is lit on the inside. Thankfully, our cabin attendant showed us that feature or I would have been like those I met who were dumbfounded by the lack of an electrical outlet in the bathroom. Open the mirror, regardless of which cabin type you are in (outlet is placed rather high for those of us who are vertically challenged).

    Room space is ample, thoughtful design that maximizes storage and outlet placement. This Cat 5 room was wasted on us as we spent very little time in there and the majority of our on-boat and awake time we were on the sun deck or in the lounge. Sitting in the room with the scenic views as we sailed gave us just half the view; I liked to see the whole picture up top. Never used the Nespresso, ignored the fridge, and didn’t bother with room service. Anything we wanted was just a few steps away on this compact boat. We were instructed in the briefing that cabin service was by request only. However, our cabin attendant was a gem and took care of normal daily service (+ turndown) without our asking.

  • Gafly, thanks for circling back with these details. The cabin looks almost identical to cat 7 on Emerald. Yes, the closet is a gem and that bathroom cabinet is, too! I like that the inside is mirrored and lighted. Love the Nespresso, there’s usually one in most hotels we’ve stayed in the last few years and I always use it.

  • The category 5 room on the Andorinha is, indeed, identical to the category 7 rooms on the other riverboats with the exception of some very minor details. I thought it (category 5) was a bit more "luxurious" because of the newness of the ship. The boat is gorgeous!

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