Transportation To And From The Markets

I am hoping someone who took this specific tour can answer the following for me:

(1) Are shuttles to and from the markets available throughout the day? If yes, at what intervals?
(2) Are there some markets within walking distance from where the boat is moored?
(3) Do the markets offer a variety of items for purchase other than items specifically for the Christmas holiday?
(4) Are cafes open for inside seating? I would like to be able to have a hot chocolate and, perhaps, a linzer torte.

Thank you for any assistance you can offer.


  • Thank you so very, very much terrilynn. I was hoping you would respond. You answered all my questions, plus some!

    Safe and happy travels!

  • Terilynn gave a very good overview. I did this trip in 2018 but my memory isn't quite as good. My only comment would be that I got gloves, socks, and some other things in the Passau market...not Christmas- specific. I like remembering where I got them whenever I wear them here at home.

    We had lots of time in Salzburg. I was able to track down the Mozart Balls (candy) I had heard about before I went. We had some snow and ice so be prepared for anything, I almost killed myself slipping on the black ice at Melk Abbey. But it was beautiful.

  • Thank you for your feedback, Travelcrazy!

  • terrilynn,

    I thought of another question for you--my personal travel advisor for all things related to holiday markets! Do the vendors accept credit cards? I'm thinking that some of the smaller, local artisans might only accept local currency. With the exchange rates being so favorable right now, I thought I would stock up on some euros for my upcoming trips.

    As always, thank you!

  • kfnknfzk -- No, most of the vendors want cash - this is for both products and food/drinks -so we always keep lots of cash on us.
    The smaller, quainter towns along the river are very hard to find banks/tellers in - so we stocked up on cash in the city the tour started in (Vienna, Nuremberg, Basel - as those are bigger towns with plenty of Teller/Banks around).
    The higher end products/more expensive products will take a CC, esp the stores that sell Xmas stuff.
    Most of the products on the actual markets are VERY reasonably priced anyway - so cash isn't difficult.
    We did find the markets on the Danube better than the Rhine, but both trips are very good and worth doing - but the Danube remains our favorite.
    We want to book the YuleTide one to compare, but we hear that there aren't many markets along that one.
    The private markets in Vienna at the Schonbrunn and in Regensburg at the Thurn & Taxis Palace are amazing.

  • You are amazing! I'll be sure to have adequate cash. Thanks, again!

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