Exploring the Douro, Madrid, Lisbon Excursion Choices

I would appreciate some experienced input on the excursion options for our May 2022 Madrid-Lisbon Douro trip. I read through numerous forum postings and don’t see mention of Guimarães. On our Day 7 (westbound trip) we now have a choice of a Walking Tour of Guimarães OR a 13-mile bike ride through the Vinho Verde region, ending in the medieval town of Amarante. This is the only day with cycling mentioned, and we were looking forward to that—however, what are we missing in Guimarães?

Other options mirror trip reviews. Day 6 Douro River Museum or Lamego & Sparkling Wine. Options for Day 6 afternoon are now blank online but previously had shown Mateus or Cocktail Making. Day 9 are the Tauck Classic or faster paced walking tours of Porto.


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    Hello, gafly26482.

    I was on this tour last November. Having been to Guimaraes independently, we did not take that excursion nor the bicycle ride. If you like medieval architecture and fortresses, I believe you will enjoy the town. It also has some very nice plazas. After reading another traveler's post about the bicycle ride, I wish I had done that but at the time I was concerned about how a 78 year-old would handle that. As reported, it was a leisurely ride on flat surfaces with many stops for refreshments.

    It appears Tauck has changed Day 6. Our excursion choices were either the Douro Museum or Casa Mateus. If it was my choice, I would now opt for the sparkling wine.

    For us the highlight, in terms of excursions, was the Porto by land sea and air, the gondola ride with a very nice surprise at the end being the best. The views are simply fabulous.

    Actually, the best excursion was sailing on the river. The views are breathtaking and maneuvering through the locks, virtually one daily, was exciting. No matter what you choose, I do not think you will be disappointed.

    I hope I have been of some assistance and I look forward to your review.

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    Does anyone know if there are USB ports on the Andorinha?

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    Yes, there are two that I recall...one by a nightstand and the other behind the TV. The one on the TV is odd, however, since anything plugged in there dangles unless you have a very long cord. I only travel with a cell phone, so I really don't pay much attention to outlets/ports.

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    kfnknfzk - Thanks!

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    My pleasure, BSP51.

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