2 days in Brussels before Belgium Holland in Spring

Trying to figure out what to do for two days prior to April 17th river cruise, Any ideas or restaurant suggestions much appreciated.


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    When I was in Brussels as a student traveler, the student travel brochure the gave out at the train station was titled "See Brussels and Die - Laughing." What can you say about a city whose most popular tourist attraction is a statue of a boy peeing.

    But seriously, you can spend about a day seeing the sights of Brussels, but two would be hard to fill. There are two good art museums: the old masters museum and the Magritte museum. Other must see sights are the Grand Place and the Manneken Pis. Rick Steve's has a good walking tour in his guidebook (and maybe in his audio tour app) that will take you around the main sights of the central city. For your second day, I would look to Viator.com for a tour that might interest you. A food or drink tour or a military themed tour (Waterloo, Flanders - WWI or Battle of the Bulge) would be a good bet, depending on your interests. There are numerous smaller or more specialized museums in Brussels, but none is outstanding unless you have a specific interest.

    I have no specific restaurant recommendations, but some general food and drink recommendations. Belgium is arguably the best country for beer in the world, definitely more distinct styles that anywhere else. So try some different beers while you're there and be sure to have a Trappist ale. Belgium chocolate is the best as well, so have some of that. The unofficial national dish is moules frites (mussels and french fries) and I would try to have that as well. French fries should be called Belgiam fries and they are everywhere in Belgium and Holland (typically served with mayonaise, although you may see vinegar or curry ketchup).

    Or have a Belgian waffle:

    Or some fries:

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    Thanks so much, would love to do a trip to Flanders but unsure if we have time day we meet the boat at 4?

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