Meals on River Cruises - Question

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Does anyone have recent experience to share on how meals are being handled on the European river cruises? (We are booked on Belgium and Holland in Spring in mid-April.) In the past, most of the meals were open seating and much of the food was self-service and buffet. Have there been changes? Must one have an assigned seating time? Any information would be welcome!


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    On our Nov 2021 Douro River cruise there was no buffet per se, rather a small dedicated area from which we were served the items we wanted. There was another small table from which you could help yourself to dessert. Ordering from a menu was available at all meals.

    Given the recent outbreak of cases, particularly in Western Europe, I believe it would be remiss to say post COVID. Nonetheless, we did not find the health and safety protocols detracting from our enjoyment of the trip.

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