Booster Requirement for Tauck (not just Spain and Portugal)

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As often suggested, we look at our flights daily since we are now under two weeks from traveling to France. In addition, I have been checking the banner on Tauck's website for "Latest Travel Updates and Travel Requirements." Tonight I find that they have added:

Effective April 15, 2022, all Tauck guests ages 12 and older must bring proof of COVID-19 vaccination, such as the CDC Vaccination Record Card, at all times while traveling with Tauck. If more than 270-days have passed since your final required dose of the initial vaccination series, ****you must show proof of having received a booster shot. ****
We strongly encourage guests to check the requirements for any transit/layover destinations that will be part of your journey.

Fortunately, we have our booster but friends leaving a few weeks after us do not....they will be getting them tomorrow. We did get the email from Tauck regarding our upcoming trip today that reminded us to look at the website regularly. I was hoping to find that we could return to the States without testing but alas, not as yet.


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    Not sure why it says Spain and Portugal...I didn't notice when I posted and don't know that I can change it to "General"

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    Don't worry about the header. It is evident what you meant by what you wrote in the body of your post. I noticed the addition of a required booster injection as well. I think it is good practice since the vaccination protection does wane over time.

    Please do post a review of your tour if you can. Have a lovely time. I have no doubt that you will!

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    what are the rules prior to 4/15? We arrive in Lisbon on 4/12

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    No mandatory booster I believe! Someone else may know more! I wonder if the 4th will be added as a requirement by June! It got approved to close to our departure..,I reacted strongly with EVERY every shot so am waiting a while. We also both were tested for antibodies in February…had high antibodies (from Covid in January) so our doctor didn’t recommend it for us personally just yet. Here’s hoping we ALL stay well!

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