New Type of Immersive Art Experience

I saw on the news that there is a museum in The Netherlands that intends to take some of its art on the road in the form of an immersive experience whereby you smell the art! They showed a clip of a woman removing her mask and placing her nose so close to the artwork that it appeared like her nose was touching the canvas!

I did a quick internet search and found the following (I am paraphrasing):

The Mauritshuis Museum will take its "show on the road" to whoever wishes to rent the exhibits. For a fee, you can purchase some mechanism that you spritz (I think) on the art and then smell the art.

I am all for art appreciation but I will pass on this one, pandemic or no pandemic. Imagine the germs! I love the Dutch, but no thank you.

Has anyone else seen this on the news? Your thoughts?


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    I didn’t see this news, but was in the Mauritshuis last week. There are certainly some beautiful pieces, but I’d much rather see than smell them.

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