Oberammergau Passion Play

Could someone who has attended give me more information about the size of the personal bag you are allowed to bring inside? The Tauck paperwork says a soft sided bag no larger than 11-1/2 x 8-1/4. All items must fit within those confines, if I'm reading it correctly. So how do I get an umbrella, 16 oz. water bottle, wallet, etc. in something the size of a sheet of paper?


  • TravelGal, We don't attend the Passion Play for a few weeks yet, but it looks to me like a personal bag is also allowed in addition to the soft-sided bag you reference.
    Guests may enter the security zone with one personal soft-sided bag (without wheels), no larger than 11 1/2" tall and 8 1/4" wide. All other items must fit within the confines of your personal bag. No backpacks or large umbrellas are permitted.
    If you are taking an umbrella, guessing it must be a small, collapsable one. Hopefully that is enough room - otherwise maybe creative use of jacket pockets!

  • I would look at this as if you were going to a play in NYC or anywhere else and do not have access to a coatroom or lockers. What would you bring with you to a Broadway play? Everything you bring must fit on your lap without bothering the people in adjacent seats. You will be at the play for three hours and then have a break for dinner before returning for the concluding acts.

  • We go in August…I hope we get reports from those who go…so happy that the Passion Play is happening after all!

  • CVC, I believe you are limited to just one personal bag.

    The Passion Play visitor info says the bag size is to be that of A4 paper (European size) which is actually 8.27x11.69 inches. I purchased a cross-body Baggallini purse which is perfect and more than sufficient to hold quite a few items. I know I can fit a small umbrella and water bottle as it’s 3-4 inches wide.

    We are going in early June. I’ll try to remember to report back.

  • mfrancis, Thanks for the additional information - I will plan accordingly.

  • cvc, which trip are you taking? We’re on Romantic Germany beginning June 7th.

  • We are on The Blue Danube featuring Oberammergau - the eastbound trip beginning May 29th.

  • We're going to the play with Tauck in June. When reading the info they sent about the play, Tauck said you will be re-admitted if you need to leave during the play, say for a restroom break. I think they left out a key work "not" from that sentence. I have heard you may leave, but you will NOT be allowed to return. I assume if you leave during the first portion, you can re-enter after dinner. I emailed Tauck for clarification last week, but have not heard back. Does anyone know which is true?

  • This is from my Tauck document:

    Take advantage of available restroom opportunities, as each segment of the production is about 2 1/2 hours (150 minutes) in length. Attendees are not permitted to leave their seats during the performance and restrooms are located outside the perimeter of theatre. Those exiting the theatre to use restrooms will not be readmitted.

    Here's a link to the official site visitor info. At the end, they discuss making dinner reservations so that leads me to believe that you will be readmitted for the second half of the play.


  • Thank you for sharing this, mfrancis...we go in August and it has some very good information!

  • Thanks to all who commented. I’ll have to be sure my purse is the right size.

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