Canadian Rockies & Glacier National Park Side Activities in Jasper (Day 7)

We will be on the June 7 Canadian Rockies/Glacier NP trip. Thinking of White Water Rafting on the off day in Jasper. Tauck mentions the option in the itinerary. Does anyone who has done this trip know if Tauck will help you book it while you are there or should plan this on my own? I hate to book too far in advance since i will not know what the weather will be like. Thanks.


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    Although I do not have direct experience with this tour, I did take Tauck's Grand Canadian Rockies tour and Tauck did arrange for the optional activities. If my memory serves me correctly, we were asked to choose our preferences the day before arriving in Jasper. Nowadays, it could be that you choose your options before the trip starts. Regardless, they will assist you. Have a great time!

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    We did this tour a few years ago, and we went horseback riding. Be aware that the jammer ride across the Great Divide can be really cold … hat, gloves, jacket, and blanket cold. And that was on a sunny day. We were there in September.

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    Thanks! Appreciate the responses (and the great pictures). So excited to be traveling with Tauck again.

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    Michelle5555: Hi there, did you end up going on the June 7 tour? If yes, Since Going to the Sun Road is not open, what did they do for that? I would love to know what their modification was for that day. Thank you!

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    Yes we did go and had a wonderful trip. We were the first group out for that tour in almost three years and any snafus (yes, there were some), were handled flawlessly by our tour guide Rob White.
    The Going to the Sun Road was not totally open, but I believe we were on the open part when on The Glacier Red Bus Tour. Never having been there before, I’m not sure what we missed.
    The scenery in Glacier and all the Canadian stops were just incredible. It was cold during our week but we hiked, rafted in Jasper and walked on a glacier. Snow fell in the mountains while we were there and we just enjoyed the views, especially coming from Florida!

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    I’m going on this tour Aug 8-18th. Are the postings about smoke recent? Is it still affecting views?
    Suggestions for free time in Jasper???

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    We just returned from this tour and there was no smoke. The views were fantastic. In Jasper we took the tram ride, others took the “floats” (not white water rafting),some wanted to golf but they were not giving out woods, only irons. Another couple went fishing and still another took the planetarium excursion and saw the Northern Lights. Lots of options but the best for us was just sitting outside our room looking at the beautiful water views.

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